About Dr. Rene Reynold Villanueva Sr.

Chief Executive Officer of RSV Ltd

Personal Background Information

Rene Reynold Villanueva is the Chief Executive Officer of RSV Ltd. He was born on April 1, 1950, in Belize City to parents, Arthur and Helen Villanueva. Rene Villanueva married Susan Vansen in 1970. They are the proud parents of four children – Rene Jr., Renira, Lisa and Janelle. The family has expanded to include eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Villanueva began his broadcasting career in Honduras at La Voz del Atlantico just before his sixteenth birthday. He would continue to follow his broadcasting dream in Belize as in 1968 he was employed as a temporary Spanish Continuity Announcer at Radio Belize. He would go on to spend the next 26 years of his life in various roles at the institution. In mid1980 to 1983 he worked in the private sector as Marketing Manager at one of Belize’s larger firms at the time, the Vogue Limited. He also started two private businesses, Music World Music Shop and Super B’s Burgers. During that time, he maintained a working relationship with Radio Belize, presenting a weekly radio show.

In 1981 as a member of the Committee for the Independence of Belize, he was placed in charge of radio publicity. He emceed most of the activities leading to Belize’s Independence and was often referred to as “the voice of Belize’s Independence”. Villanueva was the emcee of choice for the official Independence Day ceremony for over 34 years. He also has the distinction of emceeing at almost all State functions.

After leaving the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize, Villanueva opened up his own radio station, Love FM. The new station started testing on December 21, 1992 and was officially inaugurated on February 14, 1993. Love FM became the first privately owned radio station to achieve nationwide coverage in 1996.

In 2007, Villanueva published the only documented account of radio broadcasting in Belize and his autobiography entitled “Thanks for choosing Love”. The publication chronicles his career as a broadcaster, serving as Chief Broadcasting Officer for two successive Governments, the creation of the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize, which he left in 1992 and the creation of his private radio station, Love FM in 1993. Love FM is a part of the largest media enterprise in Belize, and has the only nationwide broadcasting signal. It is complemented by Estereo Amor, Belize’s only Spanish radio station, MORE FM, a station targeting a young audience, Love Television which seeks to highlight all things Belizean, Multi Media Systems, an advertising agency and Love Entertainment. The philanthropic arm of the organization is the Love Foundation.

Villanueva who prides himself on serving the public, has served on various boards and organizations; these include Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Galen University, the board of Directors of the Kolbe Foundation, Chairman of the Scout Foundation of Belize, Member of the Board of Directors of the Belize Red Cross, Past Chairman of the Governor-General’s Music in schools steering committee, Chairman of Belize Band Fest Committee, Chairman of the Love Foundation and Chairman of the Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge Committee.

Villanueva became the first Belizean to receive an Honorary Doctorate from a Belizean University when he received that honor from Galen University.
As a Rotarian he served as President of The Rotary Club of Belize in 2003 – 2004. In 2015 – 2016 he held the distinguished post of District Governor of Rotary District 4250 which comprises Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

He also received the Grant of the Dignity of a Commander British Empire on 31st December 2005 and the Grant of the Dignity of Ordinary Member of the British Empire on 31st December 2010.

On 18th September 2007, Villanueva received the Meritorious Service Award presented by the Governor General of Belize, H.E. Sir. Colville N. Young on behalf of the Government and People of Belize in recognition for his outstanding contributions to the broadcast media of Belize.

Broadcasting Experience

Rene R. Villanueva began his broadcasting career in Honduras at La Voz del Atlantico just before his sixteenth birthday. Honduran broadcaster, Mike Recarte invited Villanueva to assist him in the presentation of his show “Panorama” after he expressed a love for broadcasting. Villanueva would also host a half hour gospel show twice weekly on La Voz del Atlantico radio station. His interest in the field extended beyond that of a presenter as he also worked as a technical operator.

Villanueva started his broadcasting career in Belize at Radio Belize in 1968 as a temporary Spanish Continuity Announcer. Over the years he rose up through the ranks. In 1970 he took up the post of Technical Assistant Grade Two. In 1971 he moved to the post of Announcer. Villanueva took up the post of Assistant Programme Organizer on April 18, 1978 and Acting Programme Organizer in 1979. Villanueva would leave Radio Belize on May 1, 1980 but would return as Chief Broadcasting Officer at the institution two years later. As Chief Broadcasting Officer in charge of the only broadcasting system in the country, he gained the respect of the two major political parties. This was evident as he remained in this post through three administrations and successfully spearheaded the creation of the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize, which marked the freedom of the airwaves from Government direct control.

Rene R. Villanueva was appointed as the first General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize in 1990. A difference between Villanueva and the Chairman of the Board over the direction of the Corporation, led to Villanueva not taking steps to renew his two year contract. The minutes for the last Board meeting he attended ended with an apology from the Board for the circumstances that led to his decision not to renew his contract and that congratulations were in order for a job well done.

After leaving the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize behind, Villanueva would open up his own media house. In December 1992 the newly created Love FM would begin to send out test signal. On February 14, 1993 Love FM was officially launched. Since inception, Love FM has proven to be a giant in the broadcasting industry, becoming the first private radio station to achieve nationwide coverage in 1996.

The Broadcasting Corporation of Belize closed its doors in 1998. Villanueva was able to purchase most of it’s assets.

Today, Love FM is the only nationwide radio broadcasting system in Belize. Villanueva additionally founded Belize’s first Spanish radio Station, Estereo Amor. He later founded a radio station for young people, MORE FM, Love Television, Love Entertainment and Multi Media System, an advertising agency.